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Our suppliers are our foundation. 

shutterstock_239495791 world map 2-18-15Are you a small operation that needs a sales arm?  Are you a large supplier looking to increase your value added products or a new product line? Perhaps you’re interested in significantly increasing your customer base with one phone call.

Cahan Wood Products is in the business of building long-term supply relationships.

We are a financially strong reputable trader with many areas of expertise and sales. We understand wood characteristics, production, and specifications. The fact that we insure our receivables gives an added layer of comfort to those who sell to us. We can proudly say that we have never missed a discount for fast pay since our doors opened.

We are intimately familiar with importing and exporting due to our extensive background operating worldwide.

Whether your facility is a sawmill or a lumber remanufacturing operation that specializes in lumber, cut stock, molded turning squares or other products, we are always looking for new quality-minded partners, new offerings to take to market and opportunities to expand the list of species we regularly handle.

Please contact us about any products that you can manufacture or areas of business that you would like to grow. We won’t ever leave a business deal unresolved. Our word is our hand shake commitment that we do what we say. Come join our team!