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Here are a few stories about some very happy customers.


Bird Feeders

We had been supplying a customer with parts for one of their unrelated product lines. DUE TO THE INTEGRITY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP, they approached us with a confidential opportunity to help them change their entire line of bird feeders. In the space of just six months, we worked with our vendors and the client to establish a program for retail-ready Cedar birdhouses and feeders from overseas that matched their quality needs while saving them a substantial amount of money.

Rodent Trap Blanks

For years we were one supplier among several for this product line. The extremely high quality of blanks that we supply results in a very efficient manufacturing process for this customer. The difference between our wood loss of less than 1% and our competitors best at 3% loss, RESULTS IN A 20% INCREASE OF PRODUCTION THROUGHPUT! Therefore we have earned the majority of this business.

Gate Parts

We transitioned a safety gate manufacturer from processing hardwood lumber to assembling softwood parts and components. From the first shipment they learned that our quality was substantially higher than their own in-house production. Combined with changes made to the fastening system, THEIR PRODUCTS AND PROFITS WERE GREATLY IMPROVED. The results and the integrity of our relationship earned us their SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR award.