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About Us

dick-cahanI started in the wood industry in 1976 and quickly learned the value and demand for high quality wood parts and components. When I put my own name on the door as founder and sole owner of Cahan Wood Products in 1981, I also learned the importance of integrity and honesty in growing a handful of close relationships into thousands of productive partnerships with good people all over the world. Respect, ethics, morals, trust (and a little luck at times) have brought this company to where it stands today, with a small footprint but a large impact in the world of wood products.

Cahan Wood Products supplies wood parts, components and lumber to customers who produce many common household products such as stairs, furniture, tools, kitchen items, doors and sports equipment. Our role in the industry is often misunderstood, but our products get used by millions of consumers daily. We directly and positively impact our customers by helping to make their products better and their operations more efficient and more profitable. We care deeply about the planet and cherish the opportunity to properly utilize one of Mother Nature’s only organic, natural, renewable resources:  trees.

We at Cahan Wood Products owe a big “Thank You” to our vendors, customers and every consumer that buys real wood products.


Dick Cahan


Our Focus

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations with high quality, competitively priced wood products that are manufactured to your specifications, patterns, profiles and tolerances. We want to make your supply chain simpler so you can focus on marketing your end products.

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