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Bat Billets (Dowels)

We are a large contributor to the worldwide game of baseball!

Hard Maple, Ash, Yellow Birch, Soft Maple, Hickory, Poplar, domestic Beech and European Beech all sourced from the premier regions in North America and Europe for the optimal density and weights.

Minimum order: 1 full pallet

Sawn: Cut with a head rig (circular or band saw)

Splits: Split end to end with hydraulic splitters

Grades: We offer many grades from A-grade (same as Pro-grade) all the way down to trophy grade with many grades in between.

Bamboo glued-up blanks, Plywood blanks, Custom laminated and/or edge-glued blanks with same or mixed species.

Mini bat blanks: turned & sanded, raw or finished mini bats

View our complete Bat Billet offerings here.

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